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A Sugar Land Texas home inspection firm that specializes in thermal infrared services


The Thermal Sugar Land professional home inspector of Inspect-A-Home provides Infrared Thermal inspection services in SugarLand, Houston, Missouri City, Fresno, Texas and surrounding areas. A licensed professional real estate home inspector and Missouri City, TX infrared building inspectors know that the purchase of a home in Texas typically represents the single most important investment of a lifetime. A  SugarLand, TX Professional Home Inspector is committed to provide you with a professional, comprehensive, unbiased home inspection report, informing you of the current physical condition of the property and its improvements, you are about to buy. The Sugar Land property inspector of Inspect-A-Home will answer any questions you may have and also offer some money saving tips during your general house inspection service and thereafter, if you have questions to which we may not have the answer, or that are outside the scope of the Thermal infrared property inspection, the Sugar Land home inspectors of Inspect-A-Home will do their very best to refer you to the right source for the answers.

Does Your Sugar Land Home Inspector Use The Latest Technology? If Not, Then He Can't Even Scratch The Surface!

About Infrared Thermal inspections

INSPECT-A-HOME professional Inspections includes Infrared Thermal Imaging in addition to property inspections in Texas, Sugar Land.  We also include a full Infrared Thermal Inspection and report.   Our infrared thermal- graphic camera enables us to do a powerful noninvasive way to see what is happening to the building we are inspecting. This Infrared camera technology helps monitor and diagnose the condition of  buildings.   It can quickly identify problem areas that can't be seen by the naked eye eliminating destructive probing methods.  We at INSPECT-A-HOME Thermal imaging Inspections offers advantages to you over a typical Sugar Land Professional Home inspector who lack our Infrared thermal imaging Technology.  In fact less than three percent of Texas Missouri City Home Inspectors even use Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology in the field.

Results are captured, documented instantly in a picture in a picture or just a full Infrared picture and easily into professional reports. 

The photo above shows moisture and active water leak below the new carpet, with time the moisture will damage the carpet, walls, wall insulation, and surrounding areas. A regular home inspection may not have caught this!               

The need for a Certified Professional  Sugar Land  Home Inspection Service prior to buying or selling a property is increasing and is considered a wise investment for more than one reason, awareness is one of them, you are not alone in the desire to make an informed decision about your home. These days, home buyers are less willing to make a long term financial commitment without first taking cautious steps to obtain all the information that Inspect-A-Home inspections can provide as a Licensed  Home Inspector in the Sugarland Texas area.

The data provided in your Professional Home inspection in SugarLand will better enable you to understand the condition of your new home from a more informed reference point. I treat Sugar Land Property Inspections as an education, data collection, review and compiling into a Home Inspection report that will provide you with invaluable information about the property... fundamentally an education that is key to a Professional Fort Bend Property Inspection. If the time is right for a professional TX Home Inspection, then I would like to extend my prompt and courteous Property Inspector Services to you. My location enables me to provide comprehensive Home Inspections to the entire Fort Bend area and surrounding areas.  Please look over these pages and learn more about how a Home Inspection from Inspect-A-Home can be a part of your important investment!

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Whether you own or are purchasing a property in Sugar Land, don't wait to find out what condition the house's systems & components are in. Chances are you've either already made a large investment or you're about to, and if you didn't have the property inspected by a licensed home inspector first, you may have to dig further into your pocket.

NO ONE likes surprises. That's why an Sugar Land professional home inspection is intended to tell you the condition of the house and property, and reduce your risk. It is possible that we may dispel your beliefs about the condition of the house and property. If this is not the case, and we confirm your beliefs about its condition, then you can take comfort in knowing that too.

We will work for YOU as an experienced third party non-bias professional looking out for your best interest. We can help remove some of  the stress and anxiety of the home buying process by exposing defects and other conditions prior to closing, when there is still time to handle these matters. A home inspection by a highly trained and impartial Professional can help reduce or bring to your attention unanticipated expenses during the first few years of home ownership. We feel that a Thermal home inspection helps the buyer make a more informed decision on the purchase of their new home. Purchasing a home is a major decision and a home inspection makes you a smart, wiser and informed Buyer.

We believe in maintaining a perpetual state of education. Our Sugar Land, tx home inspectors are required to attend continuing education classes on an ongoing basis to stay current in an ever-changing industry. We pride ourselves on being neat, timely, thorough and accurate certified home inspectors with the ability to communicate effectively with our clients. In addition to being licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, our 3rd Party Sugar land Home Inspectors are also licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board of Texas to perform the Official Texas Destroying Insect Report known as a "WDI Report". INSPECT A HOME, Sugar Land, TX represents buyers, sellers, builders, and real estate professionals, including agents, brokers, relocation specialists, lenders, title companies, attorneys and insurers in the Sugar Land areas.  This report covers all facets of the property inspection. This includes the Foundation, exterior, including grading and paving; structural components, including framing and the cement slab; heating; electrical; plumbing; air conditioning; energy related items and miscellaneous items such as in-ground sprinkler system, wood deck, etc. With this information, the home buyer is in a better position to make a knowledgeable decision about the purchase of the home.

Professional Sugar Land Commercial & Residential Building Inspections
The building inspection encompasses the entire building including the major components of Structure, Plumbing, Electrical, and Heating systems. The home inspection report details the existing conditions, materials used in the construction or mechanical areas, recommendations for maintenance and upkeep. Items are visually examined during the evaluation of accessible areas.

Builders Warranty Home Inspection Service in Sugar Land
INSPECT A HOME professional inspection services, Sugar Land, Tx has developed a special 1-year and 2-year warranty home inspection program that is designed to help you catch the hidden problems that may exist in your new home in Sugar Land before your warranty expires. When you hire us it tells the Builders that they should keep the highest standards possible when constructing your investment. Our comprehensive typewritten report has color digital photos, as well as a list of necessary repairs. Our inspection can easily pay for itself by saving you future out-of-pocket repairs.

New Construction Thermal Infrared Inspections in Sugar Land
Many defects can affect your family’s health and safety, not to mention your pocketbook and the long term condition of your home. By hiring INSPECT-A-HOME, Sugar Land, Tx to inspect your new home during its construction, you are sending a message to your builder that you expect quality workmanship and intend to hold them to the highest standards possible. Having an home inspection during the construction of your new home also allows us to inspect inside the walls and other areas that can’t be seen in a finished house. Save by ordering all three inspections: Pre-Pour, Pre-Drywall, Final Phase Inspections.

Special Inspections
INSPECT A HOME, SugarLand, Texas offers special Home inspections on a case by case basis to professionally inspect, evaluate and make recommendations to home owners


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The Home Inspector Mr. John Casimiro was nothing but exceptional. He understood my situation, provided abundant feedback to my inquires, and patiently communicated his vast knowledge during the Home Inspection process. I would highly recommend his Professional Inspector services in Baytown, TX and will request Mr. Casimiro again in the future.


I wanted to take a moment to inform your company of the exceptional service we received from the Thermal imaging Inspector Mr. John Francis Casimiro in Katy, TX. My husband Bobby and myself were very impressed with Mr. Casimiro's patience with our never ending questions and his willingness to stop at any moment to address any of our concerns. As first time home buyers, we are very concerned about making a sound investment. Mr. Casimiro gave us all the appropriate information to help guide us in our decision concerning our current offer. Although we will be rescinding our offer after we estimated the sum of repairs needed on the Home, we very much thank Mr. Casimiro for making our first attempt at a Home Inspection in Katy, TX as pleasant as it could possibly be. We know that in the future, we will be requesting Mr. Casimiro's Inspection Services in our quest to find our first Home.


John Casimiro's Home Inspection was very thorough, detailed and answered all questions that we had regarding the property. Very Professional and his Inspection reports were easy to understand. I highly recommend John the home inspector to anyone buying a new or used property in Houston, Tx. His professional home inspection services offered a lot of value for the price.



Very thorough home inspections in Sugar Land  and clearly understood all his findings, closed on the house last week and the sellers gave us a $10,000 repair allowance. His quality inspection service was well worth it. Again, can't thank him enough.


The home inspectors service was great and the report he provided was very detailed and easy to understand. The great thing about the inspection report was it show the pictures and the comment from the Inspector so it is easy to understand and follow when your trying to fix things. Very friendly person with great knowledge. I have recommended the inspector John, with Inspect-A-Home to several neighbors in Telfair and they were very pleased at the inspection services he provided.



Thank you for taking the time to educate me and thoroughly inspect the property today in Houston, Texas. The Home inspection report you provided is excellent and has been forwarded to the owners. I have asked them to submit in writing the Repairs noted in the report, before we will honor the purchase of the home. They’ve agreed to fulfill their obligation. Without your keen eye and expertise, we would surely have made a mistake by buying the property "AS IS". Your professional home inspection services will save us a lot of money and ultimately keep us safe from physical or financial harm. I will be sharing my experience and your contact information with everyone I know that is buying a Home and am happy to be a reference.

GLEN BUCKNER HOUSTON, TX -SELLER(After receiving the report from our client):

This is the best report I have ever seen. Even though it's findings are against my homes value, I can't ignore the fact of your experience and detail that gives your client what they pay for. I will absolutely be calling you if I move back to the Houston area and buying a home. Good Job!



I had actually planned to use a different home inspection company I heard good things about.  However, my realtor, Kelly, had personal experience working with your company in the past and was very pleased with you.   She said you were honorable people to work with.  I took her word and was not disappointed. Inspector was Very informative and thorough going through the inspection.His inspection services are Way above and Beyond.

All home inspections performed in accordance with the Texas Real Estate Commission's [TREC] One call to INSPECT A HOME, Sugarland, Tx will set up your home inspection and give you greater "PEACE OF MIND". Supra Key Equipped for easy access. We provide inspection services in Sugar Land, Katy, Stafford, Pearland, Missouri City, Katy, Fort Bend, Harris County, and Surrounding areas.


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